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Hello everyone!  In celebration of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, I'll be holding a special giveaway on my adoptable/pet site,!
If you sign up, post with your username on the site and I'll give you a random special item for breeding pets, made especially for this week!

Chiffon Pet Image by xoDiscoPhanes Ref Image 2.0 by xoDisco

If you have a cross or fusion in PKMNation that does not closely resemble a copyrighted Pokemon
and would like to have them as a pet on Lackadaisy Shores, I'm opening commissions for pet images!
These will be offered exclusively to members of PKMNation!

These will be for USD only, no points or other forms of payment accepted, sorry!
Once the image is finished you'd get the .PNG and .PSD emailed to you, after payment has been received.

These are priced at $25 each, and these will always be open unless the waiting list goes over 30.

I will be doing up to 10 of these a week!

When ordering, post here with who you want drawn! 
I'll reply with a sketch, and if it looks good, when you have sent at least half the payment I will work on finishing it ASAP!

All money made from these will go towards funding Lackadaisy Shores and making it more fun to play!
Payment - Multiple Pokemon (Dianamond) by xoDisco
Payment - Multiple Pokemon (Dianamond)
Payment for a DYO!  For :icondianamond:

PKMNation - Vucani
Full Body x2 + Shading x2 + Simple bg x2 - 10 lvls
Vucani learned Night Slash!

PKMNation - Uhar
Full Body x2 + Shading x2 + Simple bg x2 - 10 lvls
Uhar learned Quiver Dance!

PKMNation - Zith
Full Body x2 + Shading x2 + Simple bg x2 - 10 lvls
Zith learned Icy Wind!

PKMNation - Fafnir
Full Body x2 + Shading x2 + Simple bg x2 - 10 lvls

PKMNation- Juan
Full Body x2 + Shading x2 + Simple bg x2 - 10 lvls
Chiffon Pet Image by xoDisco
Chiffon Pet Image
Made for :iconepiclyawesomeprussia:

A picture of their cross, Chiffon to use as a custom image on Lackadaisy Shores.

I'll probably take commissions for images like this soon. :D

(Fullbody + Shading - +4 lvls to Chiffon!)
Phanes Ref Image 2.0 by xoDisco
Phanes Ref Image 2.0
Current one is kinda eh so I decided to update it
Full body + Shading - +4 lvls
PKMNation - The Halloween Parade by xoDisco
PKMNation - The Halloween Parade
Psychic Tiamat wants to battle!

For the Pokemon Parade; decided to go with something related to Tiamat being a Psychic fusion!
Drawn for PKMNation.

Full body + Shading + Simple bg - +5 lvls
Holiday Bonus - +2 lvls

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